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Stress Management


DISHEARTENING STATISTIC – 70% of the UK workforce is disengaged.
‘So what?’ you might ask….
Well, here’s what.

Your company would suffer from:

  • decrease in productivity
  • increase in levels of absenteeism
  • increase in health care costs
  • lowered staff retention
  • reduced innovation
  • poor customer service.

Worrying isn’t it?
You need to break that cycle and fast…..and the only way to do is to help your employees manage their Stress levels.

Are you an SME within the Thames Valley area looking to create an atmosphere of creativity, reduced stress, improved decision making via a motivational programme?


Are you looking for Workshops that

  • Deliver practical results
  • Are bespoke: fun, vibrant, insightful and impactful
  • Engage your staff with humour & accountability
  • Are outcome based
  • Has ROI built-in

Then I challenge you to engage me to find out “WHY ZEBRAS DON’T HAVE ULCERS?”

Fasten your seatbelts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride as we go on safari. Your team can expect a brisk journey that moves them past their comfort zone and onto a place where they’ll work together to discover new skills, improved levels of trust and rapport, better self understanding, increased confidence. All of these will boost team morale and relationships both within the company and with customers, all leading ultimately to increased productivity and improved bottom line.


By learning about

  1. Stress and to ways to manage it using simple tools.
  2. Effective communication
  3. Relationship building

I bring 15years of clinical experience to the workplace – I constantly see first-hand the effects of stress and pain, the common threads and the destructive emotions which people harbour in today’s corporate lifestyles . Employing a unique, outcome focused approach, I will deliver the tangible results for your team.


– Workbook to be completed with set tasks over the 6? Week period
– Pre Recorded CD
– Raise awareness of employee engagement
– Help your team to develop and deploy employee engagement approaches
– Provide practical ideas and tools for action

If you want to find out more

Please contact me for a friendly chat

What Our Clients Say …

‘What great feedback for your Mindfulness Workshop from probably the most cynical team in the company. A brilliant well done Diksha!’

Lesley Reeve, Chief Operations Officer, Fiscal Technologies

'A very useful workshop - will certainly help me in my personal and professional life.'

Nathan Frye, Regional Development Manager, Fiscal Technologies, USA

‘I found Diksha’s Workshop on Effective Communciation Skills to be informative and well presented’

Steve Sutton – Software Development Manager, Fiscal Technologies

‘I’ve really enjoyed the balance and fresh perspective Diksha gave to the content of her Effective Communications Skills Workshop’

Karen Itta – Customer Services Manager, Fiscal Technologies