Keeping Calm in The Eye of the Storm…


  • Nearly half of Britain’s employees hold back effort at work, believing that extra effort will not be recognised or rewarded
  • One in four staff admit they don’t want to win new business as it will only mean more work for them
  • Over a third of teams are experiencing extra stress and pressure due to staff ill health and absences (taken from a Bupa Survey – Fit for Growth, 2013)

These statistics should be a wakeup call for employers because happy, motivated people create immense value for the companies they work for. People are much more successful and fulfilled in the workplace if they can manage their stress levels and build trust with their colleagues and management.

Mindfulness training has been clinically proven to help people build these resources.

According to Google: Not only does adding Mindfulness to the work day make people happier and more present, but it also makes people more productive.

Berkeley University Researchers in the US say: Our workplaces can be draining, stressful, even toxic environments that seem resistant to change. But scientific evidence suggests that mindfulness can not only address these workplace challenges but also foster greater wellness and
productivity on the job

Result: Increased employee satisfaction resulting in improved bottom line

Mindfulness isn’t about sitting on the Himalayas, trying to connect with your Inner Self – it is a tool to be used every day to help us negotiate the Eye of the Storm that is our workplace and exist beyond, calmly.

I will work closely with your company to create a BESPOKE WORKSHOP that meets your BUSINESS NEEDS and I guarantee that should you and your team follow my instructions, you WILL see a return on investment.
Training through mindfulness can also count as part of your CPD and CSR programmes. Top FTSE companies such as Google, Yahoo and Apple have already successfully adopted the Mindfulness model and these
companies’ performance is a glaring example of how vital employee wellbeing is to their success. 94% of the world’s most admired companies believe their efforts to engage their employees through using
Mindfulness have created a competitive advantage (Hay).

The UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) estimates that self-reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounted for an estimated 11.3 million lost working days in 2013/14.


Let the results speak for themselves. Intel in 2012 had 1,500 employees participate in a Mindfulness programme and these employees reported an increase in “having new ideas, insights, mental clarity, creativity, the ability to focus, the quality of relationships at work and level of engagement in meetings, projects and team efforts”.


By reducing Stress and its effects With accountability, humour and ROI built in I will deliver a result based effective 6-week programme to improve the wellbeing of your employees.

You will immediately be able to put my strategies into place and you will walk away with a toolkit so that you can gain control of your life.


Mindfulness is useful for everyone because it facilitates improved communication and relationship building.

However, decision makers, teams and customer facing staff will benefit the most from this workshop.

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What Our Clients Say …

‘What great feedback for your Mindfulness Workshop from probably the most cynical team in the company. A brilliant well done Diksha!’

Lesley Reeve, Chief Operations Officer, Fiscal Technologies

'A very useful workshop - will certainly help me in my personal and professional life.'

Nathan Frye, Regional Development Manager, Fiscal Technologies, USA

‘I found Diksha’s Workshop on Effective Communciation Skills to be informative and well presented’

Steve Sutton – Software Development Manager, Fiscal Technologies

‘I’ve really enjoyed the balance and fresh perspective Diksha gave to the content of her Effective Communications Skills Workshop’

Karen Itta – Customer Services Manager, Fiscal Technologies