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Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers

Diksha is a motivational speaker who delivers talks on the serious subject of Stress with passion and humour, using her clinical experience to make it ‘real’ .

Her style of motivational speaking is candid, her stories real and she engages audiences with her own life experiences, which facilitates behavioural change in her audience.

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What Our Clients Say …

ii. ‘Diksha’s presentation entitled Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers was word perfect and the gentle humour was very engaging’

Jeremy Nicholas, Professional Speaker, Writer and Broadcaster

‘A very captivating presentation – not at all what I expected!’

Emma Saloman, Senior Consultant

‘Excellent graphical presentation, delivered with enthusiasm which made points easy to learn’

Bill Dormer, Sales Director Hale Hamilton (Valves) Ltd

'An excellent thought provoking presentation about Stress’

Rob Pennington

‘Very fluid and easy to listen to….’

Steve Munden

‘Great engaging style…’

Mark Harman, Director