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Keynote Speaker Reading, Thames Valley


Are you looking for an engaging and motivational public speaker at your next corporate event or conference that pulls no punches and draws upon her own tough life experiences?

Do you want to go with me on an EMOTIONAL and THOUGHT PROVOKING rollercoaster, one minute laughing with me and the next minute filled with horror, all leading up to the final cliff-hanger…?

Let me take you on my very personal life-story, dressed in my native costume (sari). Coming from a developing country where cultural values suppress women’s capabilities, my journey to where I am now has been a big challenge.

Forcefully expelled from Uganda, taken away from my family and becoming a refugee at age 15; negotiating strange cultures and languages; dealing with racial abuse – all these are the negatives.

What of the positives? I run a successful business; have brought up 2 children s a single parent; have climbed Mounts Snowdonia & Ben Nevis, nearly summited Mt Kilimanjaro; have run various half marathons for charity and currently am preparing to trek up Scafell Pike and walk the 50km Thames Path Challenge in September 2016. I haven’t allowed the adversities in my life to crush me, instead I have learnt from them to galvanise me into who I am today.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is like running a business: one does all the required preparation, training, carries out the due diligence but it is not until one actually either opens one’s shop or takes a new product to market, does one realise if all this has been adequate. And what of other unknown factors that comes into play? It is how one deals with these that ensures success/failure of the project.

I show you how I displayed courage in the face of adversity, my bullish attitude that refuses to back and will hopefully inspire you and your team to build positive relationships amongst each other. I will to inspire your team to face challenges with creativity, flexibility and emotional resilience.

If you are looking for a public speaker with raw passion and high entertainment value, then I am your Speaker.

Please ring 0118 9261464 / 07878 148 229? – I am waiting for your call.

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What Our Clients Say …

‘Diksha’s Keynote speech at the Empower Conference was inspirational & thought provoking…an excellent presentation…'

Melanie Williams PCC, North Wales Police Force

‘Diksha’s Keynote speech at the Empower Conference was thought provoking and despite the subject matter, very entertaining. A truly inspirational lady who challenges your pre conceptions…'

Lorraine Simpson-Housley, Management/Financial Accountant, Wakefield Council

‘Diksha’s Keynote speech at the Empower Conference was very moving and beautifully presented – I was captivated'

Julie Beattie, Payments Manager, Liverpool City Council