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The FiXme Way Testimonials

Sleep returned and Pain went!

I approached Diksha to help me when I was incredibly stressed due to a combination of work issues and family problems.  My stress manifested itself through terrible sleep, unhappiness and a constant shoulder pain.  Diksha split our sessions into talking about practical solutions to the sleep problems and unhappiness and then moved onto physically manipulating my back and shoulder to resolve the nagging pain.  I thoroughly recommend Diksha’s approach and will be back for maintenance.

Viv, Reading

I am pain free….

I have recently been treated by Diksha for a back problem that has been going on for over 10 years. After 6 sessions of the FiXme Way’s unique combination therapy of physical treatment and clinical hypnotherapy, my back pain has completely gone and I am pain free. I would highly recommend Diksha for anyone experiencing any type of pain.

Sarah - Production Manager, Media Group London

Diksha has succeeded where so many others have failed

Diksha has succeeded where so many others have failed. I sought help from Diksha for a stiff, painful shoulder but also mentioned that I had suffered from recurrent sinusitis and allergic rhinitis for years, for which I had sought help from GPs, consultants and many others. I'd been prescribed lots of different drugs but without much success and had resigned myself to “living with it”. By using the FiXme Way, Diksha was not only able to fix my shoulder, but has worked wonders with my sinuses. I didn’t realise just how much I’d been putting up with, how painful my jaw and sinuses were and the impact they were having on my day to day life. Now, I still have the rhinitis, but I no longer wake up in the night unable to breathe, I’m a lot less “stuffed up” and when I do get congestion, it clears much more easily, making exercise in particular a whole lot easier. To date I haven’t had a head cold (and almost monthly occurrence previously) and friends & family have commented how much less “nasally” I sound. The improved sleep and better breathing have given me so much more energy for which I’ll be forever grateful – thanks Diksha!

Kay - Property Developer

I can’t speak highly enough about The FiXme Way

I can’t speak highly enough about The FiXMe Way. I visit Diksha on a monthly basis for to keep my body and mind realigned. Once, during a particularly busy time, I stumbled into Diksha’s treatment room, feeling utterly overwhelmed and at my wits end. When I left, I was calm and my energy levels had been restored. I managed to carry out my professional work, teach an exercise class, do a run home, bathe the kids and bake scones and biscuits for a charity event the next day!! I was able to cope again… and I ate caking for the right reasons!

Lesley - Director, Thames Valley

Diksha cleared my head and gave me more energy

I went to see Diksha to fix an arm that was like a lump of lead. During the initial consultation I mentioned an existing health issue (IIH) which often left me feeling groggy and extremely tired. At the end of the first session I had a functional arm again rather than a heavy weight dragging me down. By the end of the second session I had a clear head and spare energy. The IIH symptoms have steadily improved since then and it's currently the best that it's been since I was diagnosed in 2007. The FiXme Way has been incredible both to myself and to my nearest and dearest - who noticed a change for the better. Six months later and my arm is as new and my IIH is still under control thanks to monthly visits to Diksha.

Before I went to see Diksha I'd wake up worrying how much longer I could continue in my job, now I wake up with a list of tasks to do, I have the energy to do them and I don't worry about the future so much. Diksha is a lovely lady who really knows her stuff and I'd happily recommend her and The FiXme Way.

Rachel - Senior Software Engineer

The FiXme Way gets results

By treating the whole body, Diksha was able to have a huge impact on problems I had had for many years with stiff neck and shoulders. Diksha also carried out a thorough workstation assessment which has resulted in me making many changes to my workflow which now enables me to work at my desk for lengthy periods of time without feeling like I've gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson! I would thoroughly recommend Diksha - she does so much more than treating the pain you go to her with.

Pennie - Professional Photographer

What Our Clients Say …

"By using the FiXme Way, Diksha was not only able to fix my shoulder, but has worked wonders with my sinuses. The improved sleep and better breathing have given me so much more energy for which I’ll be forever grateful – thanks Diksha!"

Kay – Property Developer

"I have used Diksha's expertise on several occasions and the results have always been excellent. I would highly recommend her."

Lesley Everett – Professional Speaker

"Diksha has succeeded where so many others have failed."

Kay – Property Developer

"If you think you've exhausted all avenues and feel that the pain is just going to be there, do not give up until you give Diksha and the FiXme Way a chance."

ME – Account Director DELL