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New Strap Keyboard: will help or hinder…?

So we have yet another gadget on the market: the Strap Keyboard. This will ensure we can type anywhere with ease, no more  bulky keyboards to carry around.  All you need to do is learn how to type in a novel way and away you go…the video even shows you how you can surreptitiously type when you are not supposed to e.g in meetings, on the bike, in the car….and in bed!

The Pros:

  • Perhaps fewer neck and shoulder issues as they no longer remain fixed in one position
  • Portable
  • Discreet
  • Available 24-7 – as the woman who is engaging with friends in bed demonstrates lying next to her partner who is blissfully asleep

The Cons:

Increased risk of

  • getting more cases of RSI in the fingers.  The portability and discretion that this gadget offers, coupled with our insatiable appetite for staying in constant virtual contact with the world and his wife will mean we will be typing constantly – in fact the manufacturers are hoping we will because that means more sales.  I will wager this gadget could lead to people becoming obsessive about typing and they will probably be doing this in their sleep..! Sounds outrageous?  I don’t think so. Here’s the evidence: my father was a musician and composer, a great man.  As a child I used to see him tapping away his fingers, counting etc even when he was not aware that he was doing so.  Now my father was a creative genius so his behaviour is understandable but I don’t think our obsession with constant chatter can be classed in the same manner. You might reasonably argue that our obsession with mobile phones and texting should have led to lead to same phenomenon.  Perhaps it has – disturbed sleep is a common ailment now because of the chatter in our heads.  But the strap has gone a step further: it has combined the alphabet and your anatomy & effectively removed a boundary.  It has given our fingers ESP – it’s like me conversing with you simply by looking at you. No voice needed.  You can’t tell me it wouldn’t be easier and that you wouldn’t do so continuously and constantly.
  • leading to disturbed sleep – we will be in constant engaged mode
  • increasing Stress related issues.  We will never switch off now, as if we needed yet another gadget to keep us in constant virtual communication mode.

So try this gadget if you must but please be vigilant about the potential issues it will bring along.  Keep some boundaries in place and limit how long and where you use it.

What are your thoughts?  Please do share….

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