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Insomnia: how to manage it….

In this Newsletter I am going to talk about INSOMNIA because increasingly, people are suffering from this ailment. This leads to all sorts of health issues, reduced productivity in the workplace, and worst of all, increased risk of road traffic accidents: so definitely a subject worth dealing with.

There are various reasons why someone either struggles to fall asleep or wakes in the middle of the night and struggles to go back to sleep.

So how does one get a decent night’s sleep?  Read more to find out some simple tips….

If you need further help, do get in touch and I will be delighted to assist.


‘I was more than sceptical when Diksha recommended Hypnotherapy for my Insomnia, but having tried all the other routes, apart from prescription medication, I felt I had nothing to lose.

Three sessions later I was sleeping like a baby. If I do wake up for any reason I am able to go back to sleep very quickly again. I am so impressed. Diksha also gave me the tools to help me stay relaxed and calm throughout the day. All I can say is, do give it a try.’

B.A., Wokingham

That’s it for today

Until next time, stay healthy…


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What Our Clients Say …

"By using the FiXme Way, Diksha was not only able to fix my shoulder, but has worked wonders with my sinuses. The improved sleep and better breathing have given me so much more energy for which I’ll be forever grateful – thanks Diksha!"

Kay – Property Developer

"I have used Diksha's expertise on several occasions and the results have always been excellent. I would highly recommend her."

Lesley Everett – Professional Speaker

"Diksha has succeeded where so many others have failed."

Kay – Property Developer

"If you think you've exhausted all avenues and feel that the pain is just going to be there, do not give up until you give Diksha and the FiXme Way a chance."

ME – Account Director DELL