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Comfort Eating

Comfort Eating Therapist Reading, Thames Valley

We comfort eat when we feel stressed, bored or lonely..

We do it almost unconsciously…that extra bar of chocolate before picking the children up or meeting with the boss; the second glass of wine before mother in law arrives..or simply that extra piece of cake because it was just soooo yummy….

But here is the thing: we comfort eat when we’re not really hungry….and that is what piles on the calories …and has made millions for weight management companies…

Our relationship with food is an emotional one: as babies we were given mum’s breast to comfort us; my children had a cake every Friday as a treat; the end of a meal is marked with dessert….such behaviours have ‘conditioned’ us to learn that food makes us feel better/special.

When we feel under pressure or stressed, we want to feel better/special and so of course we revert to our unconscious conditioning and reach for the stodgy sugary food..

Some of the stressful situations that might cause us to comfort eat include

  • poor relationships
  • lack of love
  • lack of confidence or security
  • low self-esteem
  • childhood abuse
  • violent households

The Bridget Jones movies are a great example of modern day comfort eating. She eats when she’s upset…angry…lonely.. she just eats. Whilst this was a comedy, the irony is the fact that it is indeed true…hence so many women identify with Bridget Jones.

If you feel you want to stop the yo-yo weight increase/decrease and want to get to grips with your eating, then please do give me a ring – it won’t be easy but if you are motivated, it can be done…

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