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Bruxism Therapist Reading, Thames Valley

Bruxism is the involuntary unconscious grinding of teeth usually during sleep. However, similar effects can be seen during waking hours too.

A client recently walked in after a stressful day saying ‘I could have killed him’ through clenched jaws. She had spent the whole day, holding back her words through clenched teeth. This had led to pain in her jaw, tight neck and shoulder muscles and a headache – all signs of Bruxism.

So long as there aren’t any dental issues per se, Bruxism can be dealt with using physical release & realignment and some life style strategies like Mindfulness. However, as it is a sign of Stress, the best treatment approach is a combination of physical release & realignment combined with hypnotherapy where sleep, anxiety, lack of confidence and other issues can simply and quickly be dealt with.

Effects of Bruxism on teeth


What Our Clients Say …

"By using the FiXme Way, Diksha was not only able to fix my shoulder, but has worked wonders with my sinuses. The improved sleep and better breathing have given me so much more energy for which I’ll be forever grateful – thanks Diksha!"

Kay – Property Developer

"I have used Diksha's expertise on several occasions and the results have always been excellent. I would highly recommend her."

Lesley Everett – Professional Speaker

"Diksha has succeeded where so many others have failed."

Kay – Property Developer

"If you think you've exhausted all avenues and feel that the pain is just going to be there, do not give up until you give Diksha and the FiXme Way a chance."

ME – Account Director DELL