sciatica therapist reading thames valley…is a general term used to describe pain going down into the legs from the buttock. Most common cause is considered to be compression of the Sciatic nerve which is the largest nerve in the body, with roots in the lower back and which travels all the way to the foot, giving off many branches along the way to service the entire leg. You may have been told that you have a ‘slipped disc’ – this is not always the case and even if it is, you can still be helped.

There are other causes of pain travelling down the leg: trigger points (areas of increased sensitivity within muscles) and/or tightness in the Pyriformis muscle which resides in the buttock and through which, in some people, the sciatic nerve passes.

Considering that the majority of people have poor posture, habits and footwear, some drive long distances/use computers extensively and unsafely, it is not surprising that the incidence of sciatica is so high.

To treat sciatica successfully, I realign the pelvis and lower back, check out the trigger points, massage and stretch the soft tissues and mobilise all the joints from lower back to ankles.

John’s story:

John is a retired engineer – he claims his problems started after retirement and he complained that ‘retirement is bad for health’. As someone who has used to carrying out a lot of activity, when he was struck with sciatica, he was deeply unhappy. He paid several visits to his GP and on the last visit, he was offered anti depressants to which a shocked John retorted ‘what for???!’ and walked out. This was then followed by a referral to a physiotherapist after a wait of several weeks, who informed him that she couldn’t treat him because he was on anti-inflammatories to which John replied ‘you are having a laugh aren’t you…?’ and walked out in dismay, yet again. He was getting more and more despondent because this active man was becoming more and more sedentary…he was then referred to me by another client…..

What Our Clients Say …

"By using the FiXme Way, Diksha was not only able to fix my shoulder, but has worked wonders with my sinuses. The improved sleep and better breathing have given me so much more energy for which I’ll be forever grateful – thanks Diksha!"

Kay – Property Developer

"I have used Diksha's expertise on several occasions and the results have always been excellent. I would highly recommend her."

Lesley Everett – Professional Speaker

"Diksha has succeeded where so many others have failed."

Kay – Property Developer

"If you think you've exhausted all avenues and feel that the pain is just going to be there, do not give up until you give Diksha and the FiXme Way a chance."

ME – Account Director DELL