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FREE Mindfulness Class in Lower Earley

Mindfulness meditation is a great way to help manage our Stress because it teaches us how to stay in the present moment.  We spend most of our time either regretting our past or worrying about the future – both are unhelpful.  As the Dalai Lama says ‘There are only 2 days in the year you can do nothing about: yesterday because it’s gone and tomorrow, because it isn’t here yet so why worry about either?’

Mindfulness meditation has been found to have profoundly beneficial results on peoples’ anxiety and Stress and research carried out at Harvard University found that practicing Mindfulness meditation can actually beneficially change the structure of the brain.

But here’s the nub: simply knowing what to do sometimes isn’t enough for us to do it, no matter how beneficial the activity.  Recall how enthusiastically we join the gym, usually either after Christmas or before a holiday but soon our mojo peters out and we stop going.  Forming a new habit can be challenging and research shows 2 support systems that can help us in this process: having buddies and accountability

Several of my patients have said they struggle with Mindfulness and how much they would appreciate some support.  So when I mentioned having a community, otherwise known as sangha by the Buddhists, they were very enthusiastic.

That’s why I am holding a trial session on:

Tuesday 25/10/2016 from 1930-2100hrs at my home in Lower Earley.

Please come along – it is FREE and it will give you a chance to meet other like minded people and de-stress at the same time…

Please let me know by clicking here if you are going to be attending – would love to see you……

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