Stress makes strokes imminent…

January 26, 2011

Research published this month by the Stroke Association shows that adults in Britain are under extreme risk of strokes because of rising stress levels. Over 7 million could be at risk: being stressed now takes on a completely different meaning and we need to address this immediately.

But why is it so? I don’t recall our parents’ generation suffering with stress. They had other problems, smoking and eating rich food to name two. They took weekends off and maybe a week’s holiday and they were content. Now we need two and often three weeks to unwind and de-stress…. Whatever is happening????

Stress is a term that came into vogue in the 1980s, until then, ‘tired’ sufficed. The effects of stress are wide ranging and insidious: from insomnia, to headaches, to raised blood pressure and now strokes. If we are not careful we could be heading for destruction. The root of the problem is our incredibly fast paced, demanding and unhealthy lifestyles. Everything is urgent and no longer just important; we have too much choice, from cereals to holidays; alcohol consumption is high – folks drink to unwind but excessive alcohol has a depressing effect; whilst some of us do have membership of gyms and spas, by the time we get home after their 12hr day, tiredness hits us hard and we don’t get to these establishments. This research showed that nearly 15% of adults in Britain consider themselves extremely stressed coming into 2011.

So what can be done? We could start by reassessing our lifestyles – the demands of our jobs, now even more than the past; our diets; relaxation and of course exercise. All these are difficult things to do, especially during the recession but if we want to live longer we have no choice but to address the stress levels in our lives.

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