Computer generated arm pain…

February 6, 2012

My last client tonight complained that she couldn’t fully extend her left arm above her head. This was an unusual presentation for her in that she used the mouse with the right hand and had a head set for the telephone. With all my clients, I drill in the fact that seating correctly at the computer and stopping for stretches every 30mins is of utmost importance and as this was a long standing client, she had heard me say this time and again.

A bit surprised by my findings I continued to quiz her whilst carrying out the rest of the treatment and it was towards the end she found the answer to my question: what are you doing with the left hand that is different to the right?

“I know! It’s the way I am sitting!”

It transpires that she sits at a desk with a corner such as this:

..only the monitor is placed to her right, the keyboard is at an angle so she has to extend her left arm to reach the keys..and she is in this position for 7 hours per day with few breaks and even fewer stretches to undue the excessive strain being put on her left arm.

There it was – the reason her left arm was so tight was because she wasn’t sitting with the computer directly in front of her and to add insult to injury, even her keyboard was at an angle! Not good

She left the treatment room tonight, happy that we had worked out why her left arm was strained and with an earnest promise to me that she will correct the position of her computer and do the required stretches.

Let’s hope she does, for the sake of her left arm…