Pain / Stress Relief with physical therapy and hypnotherapy in Lower Earley


PAIN: Do you have….

STRESS: Are you experiencing ……


Diksha Chakravarti – Pain & Stress therapist

Hi! I am Diksha Chakravarti of FiXme Ltd.  Are you looking for pain and stress relief?  I might be able to help as I am a Lower Earley based pain and stress management therapist, using physical therapy, hypnotherapy or a combination of the two… welcome to my website…

I can help get  rid of your pain, and, if you need, help you manage your stress as well, using a unique combination of physical and hypnotherapy.  This ensures you get long standing results and  gain back control of your life.

Conditions such as headaches, back pain, insomnia, anxiety, IBS can all be dealt with using the combination because as interconnected Beings, addressing both the physical and the emotional content of any ‘Pain’ helps to resolve it in a more holistic way.

So why should you consult me?

  • Because I place YOU at the centre of the treatment instead of dishing out the same treatment for all
  • Because I only treat you for as long as it takes you pick up the reigns of your own life
  • Because you control your treatment

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