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Hi! I am Diksha Chakravarti of FiXme Ltd, a Clinical Hypnotherapist based in Reading, Thames Valley.

Are you an INDIVIDUAL in Pain or suffering from Stress related problems e.g headaches, backache, insomnia, grinding teeth, anxiety, IBS?

Are you a BUSINESS concerned that your workforce is showing signs of Stress e.g. reduced productivity, high levels of disengagement, increased absenteeism?

I can help.

I am a Stress & Pain specialist with extensive experience, knowledge and skills acquired over 15 years. My approach is unique and proven – do take a look at what my personal and business clients say on the HAPPY CLIENTS page.

Over the past 15 years I have acquired wide ranging clinical experience and academic knowledge to help me understand the catastrophic effects of Stress within the body and its intimate relationship with Pain.  What makes me unique is that I can use this knowledge to create bespoke treatment plans for individuals and for businesses, my background enables me to design Stress Management Workshops and Keynote speeches which puts the human element, the workforce, at the centre of it.  There is nothing theoretical in my approach, it is entirely practical and outcome focused, with behavioural change being the main objective.

Regardless of whether you are an individual looking for a hypnotherapist and physical therapist in the Thames Valley or a Business wanting help with Stress Management in the Thames Valley, you will see tangible results working with me.

Do hope you get in touch…


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hypnotherapy reading


At Fixme, I take a complete view of your Life and provide treatment that addresses both cause(s) and the effects of your Pain and Stress…

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hypnotherapy thames valley


Musculoskeletal disorders, Stress and Anxiety cost businesses over 9.5million working days annually. I solve these issues in situ within your Workplace …

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pain and stress management

Workshop Facilitator

Need help with Stress Management, Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution? Read how FiXme helped staff at Fiscal Technologies, an award winning company.

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workplace solutions

Professional Speaker

Knowledgeable…passionate…dynamic…informative…engaging…are some of the words that audiences have used to describe my speeches.

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What Our Clients Say …

"Diksha identified and carried out some remedial treatment to mal-alignments in my spine and found the tension which was leading to my neck problems. This was rectified very satisfactorily and I was made aware of how to avoid the posture which caused this.  I was also advised of how to work on my thigh muscles to strengthen them to support my knee joints.  I can now go up and down stairs with confidence in my legs."

Ginny Davis – Company Director

"Diksha did not disappoint. After about a month of treatment I really started to feel the impact and got rapid reduction in symptoms (which included pins and needles as well as pain). Diksha was very  thorough and it is the first time I have worked with someone who I really felt  understood my body. I cannot recommend Diksha highly enough and will now only trust her to work on my body when I am in pain."

Richard Francis – Strategic Financial Problem Solver

"Diksha, You are a marvel, I have just  run up the stairs to my office without even thinking about it. Haven’t done that since before I hurt my foot! Thank you."

Susan Kemish

"I felt completely at ease in the care of her talented hands and was so relaxed by the end of the massage, I literally could not move from her couch for several minutes."

Louise Richards, Virtual Assistant